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5 Facts About Hawaii Everyone Needs to Know

Best beaches in maui

Hawaii joined the Union on August 21st, 1959, making it the youngest of the United States. Over 1,500 miles, the state of Hawaii contains nearly the entire Volcanic Hawaiian Island Chain, which happens to encompass hundreds of islands. In the heart of Oahu sits scenic Waikiki Beach that also offers great swimming because the surf does not come close to the shoreline. Oahu contains Hanauma Bay, a snorkeling paradise of beautiful fish, colorful reefs and listless waves. Just North of Lahaina is West Maui, where Ka’anapali Beach sits and is one of the most famous and popular beaches in all of Hawaii. Before you take your honeymoon, family vacation, or business trip to the Aloha State, it might be wise to pick up some maps of Hawaii to map out your adventure in advance. You can always wing it but, to prevent getting lost or in over your head, it will always be a good idea to have maps of Hawaii on hand when you are there.

Most maps of Hawaii are going to offer you a few different options when it comes to the best beaches in Oahu or the best beaches in Maui. It should also be easy to find some maps of maui when looking for the beaches throughout Maui. The surest way to get yourself to where you want to be is going to be maps of hawaii because they are more broad sweeping when it comes to the terrain. You can locate any beach, not just the ones in Maui or Oahu. Though, maps of Hawaii are going to highlight the top beaches in the area and it is most likely going to lead you directly to the beaches of Maui and Oahu. You might even want to pick up a few different maps of Hawaii in order to get a full understand of what kind of path you are going to be taking.