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Four Bits of Liberian Slang You Should Learn Before Your Trip

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According to Index Mundi, Liberia generates more than $230 million every year through its tourist industry. With luxury resorts located along the country’s expansive Atlantic beaches, a burgeoning Hip-co music scene, and access to unspoiled rainforest, it’s no wonder why this country of 3.6 million has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Africa.

It isn’t just its luxury villas at its beach resorts that bring people to Liberia. As National Geographic reports, the national language of Liberia is English. As the lingua franca of the modern world, this means tourists from all corners of the world can come to Liberia and get along without having to worry about the language barrier. With that being said, however, there are some small differences between Liberian Englis


What was Zanzibar Before It Became a Vacation Paradise?

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Over the last few decades, Zanzibar, an archipelago located 25 miles east of Tanzania, has become something of a paradise vacation destination. With all inclusive resorts along its shorelines, unique reefs to be snorkeled, and views found nowhere else on Earth, it’s no wonder why, according to the Zanzibar Association of Tourist Investors, the country now pulls in close to 200,000 visitors every year: by all accounts, Zanzibar is the foremost paradisaical retreat in East Africa.

As Zanzinet, a website dedicated to spreading knowledge about Zanzibar, suggests, it isn’t just the incredible views, beautiful beach resorts, or natural entertainment that brin


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Party Buses Treat Guests and Eliminate Worries

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How many people are on your guest list? How is everyone going to get there? What about parking? Working out all of the details of a party or event can be incredibly stressful. Inexpensive party bus rentals hold anywhere from 15 to 50 passengers, and provide safe and reliable transport to bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, weddings, corporate parties, sporting events, prom, or winery and brewery tours. What’s inside a party bus, and what are some things to keep in mind when choosing a party bus service?

Step Inside

From the outside, party buses resemble charter buses or airport shuttles. Once inside, however, hosts and guests can expect hardwood flooring, fiber-optic and/or strobe lighting, leather seating, dining booths, alcoholic or non-alcoholic bars, dance floors, flat-


Looking for an Affordable European Vacation? Head to London

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Have you read the numbers from The Daily Mail marking London as the sixth most expensive city in the world? Unfortunately for the city’s residents, that statistic doesn’t lie, but for the 30 million people who visit London every year, according to The London Plan, the city’s price-tag is vastly overestimated, especially when looking at the price of its hotels.

According to TTG Digital, London’s hotel bookings dropped 35% following the 2012 London Olympics. Quite simply, the interest that had grown around the international games left en masse following the closing ceremonies. This left the owners of the city’s best hotels to wonder how they were going to keep their doors open. Continue Reading | 1 Comment