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Vacationing for the College Grad, the Husband and Wife, and the Everybody Else

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Three scenarios:

  • You just graduated college, got your first real job, and want are stressed out because you miss the “good old days.”
  • You and your husband or wife are looking for something fun to do with the kids.
  • You are both not a husband or wife with kids or are not a recent college grad.

In all three very specific scenarios there is only one suitable answer to all problems: vacation.

When’s the last time you went on a vacation, really? Do you remember how fun it was when you got those vacation rentals on spring break freshman year? Or how much fun your family had at those oceanfront condos back in 2003. Or whatever the third group of people do for vacat


Don’t Get Stressed Planning Your Vacation!

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Do you take yearly vacations? Perhaps you should. Some studies show a correlation between time off work and improved productivity. Of course, to get the full benefit of vacation it is best if work does not come with you. About one in 10 vacationers admit they have trouble relaxing; checking in with work even through email can put a damper on the fun. The trick to having a truly relaxing vacation might be to look into one of the many all inclusive vacation packages available.

Destination vacations to places such as Disney World in Florida, or the luxury villas at the beaches in the Caribbean, typically feature all inclusive Continue Reading | No Comments


Make Your Family Camping Trip Great with These 5 Tips

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Americans love to take camping trips. In 2013, more than 40 million people who were over six years old took at least one camping trip. That is nearly 14% of the population. In 2010, there were 515 million camping trips taken around the United States. Most people who go camping say they plan to do it again. Nearly 99% of campers say they are “very likely” or “likely” to do it again. One reason these tips are so popular is that they are very economical ways to plan fun, family vacations.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Camping, Family Vacations:

  1. Try a practice run. If you have small children who have never

Camping is the Best Family Holiday

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Camping is a favorite family holiday. For nearly everyone who has happy childhood memories of camping, it becomes the standard for an enjoyable family experience. Camp resorts are a great idea for a holiday, since they combine the excitement of camping with all kinds of facilities for sports and games at the campgrounds. They offer all kinds of camping options, from RV hookups to tent camping spaces.

Getting away from it all
Who goes camping? A whopping 49.1 million Americans went camping in 2013, according to the 2014 American Camper Report. That’s 14 percent of the US population over the age of six. Camping offers a choice of accommodation, of var


Looking to Attract Foreign Investors? Why Making the Switch to Private Charter Jets Could Be Key

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More than 8 million Americans get onto a commercial airline flight every day, but rising rates of turbulence and passenger traffic have more fliers contacting local charter jet companies. Bypassing crowds and extended wait times is increasingly appealing, and private charter jet companies bank on giving their clients exactly what they need: a VIP flying experience. Executives who spend a significant amount of their working life on commercial airplanes report that they are more productive when flying with private aircraft charter services and that they can devote more of their energy toward meeting their customers’ business needs.

Experts report that mid-flight turbulence on commercial flights stands to increase


The Argument for Taking a Real Break From Work

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Do you lose your motivation during the workday? The three p.m. lull in energy happens to us all, no matter how much work there is to finish. Sometimes it is a pile-up of tasks that makes even starting seem next to impossible. If the thought of work inspires feelings of apathy, you might be experiencing burn-out. The cure is simple; time away is what is needed to feel better.

Does the Thought of Villas for Rent in Some Tropical Scene Speak to You?

There is just something about sunlight that cheers people up. It is probably due to the body producing vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight, but there is certainly a mental aspect as well. The term “sunny disposition” exists for a reason. A vacation in a warm and sunny environment is the typical daydream of most worke