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What Did People Do on Planes Before In Flight Entertainment?

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What would we do on flights today without our inflight entertainment systems? Today, airplane displays are taken for granted as an easy way to pass the time, whether you’re flying from New York to Nevada or Seattle to Shanghai.

Today, 41% of all passengers watch movies while they’re on airplanes. But of course, those options weren’t always there. IFE monitors and aircraft displays didn’t become commonplace until the 1960s. So what did people do to pass the time before then?

You might think that, like 21% of modern travelers, they would read. Or maybe, like another 17%, they’d just sleep. But the answer, as it turns out, is far more quaint.

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Travelling on a Budget? Check out Bed and Breakfast Lodging Options

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For many people, travelling to areas previously unseen is not just a hobby, but more of a passion, an ingredient for a rewarding and fulfilling life. Travel is a popular activity in America, but there are only some who consider it something they cannot do without. The thrill of finding new, beautiful places, scenic wonders, interesting local cultures and cuisine and fun, new activities to take part in while on vacation all come together and make the prospect of travel so interesting to many people. While there are some people who have enough resources to travel first class and stay in large, luxurious resource, for many, the thrill of real travel lies in budget trips, where you just set out with a backpack full of bare necessities, travel cheap, and stay and eat in low-cost establishments while enjoying you


When Was the Last Time Your Family Went Camping?

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It took some major planning, but you are going to be able to fit in one more get away this summer. Although your older daughter left for her second year of college by the end of July, your family was able to spend some vacation time together on Memorial weekend. Working around a required visit for some follow up visits to see a doctor, your family of four was able to spend a five day weekend at some family vacation cabins. Because the follow up doctor appointments were for your college daughter’s ankle surgery, however, you did not really get to enjoy the lake stay as much as you would have wanted.
Family Cabin Camping Is a Great Way to Enjoy Long Weekends Away from the Hectic Schedule of Work and School
Summers go to fast and families often face the arrival of fall wishing that they


Are You Looking for Affordable Commuting Options for Work?

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Some call it the welcoming process. Some call it rush. No matter what name it goes by, this is the week where many first year college women are being introduced to college sororities on both small and large campuses across America. the pictures will be posted. The bids will be given. And the offers will be accepted. In almost all cases, however, the women who decide to accept a bid to the college sorority of their choice will still find themselves in the cramped dorm rooms instead of the more posh setting of the sorority house. Those rooms are most often reserved for the second year members, as most campuses and parents agree that staying in a dorm is often the best transition piece for the first year in college.
And just as many college freshmen will be adjusting to living in a much smaller dorm ro