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The Revamped Motor Coach Industry

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When asking someone about their trip, it’s unlikely you’ll hear the words motor coach. Planes, trains, and automobiles have all held a long fascination within the American public in terms of functionality and in terms of romance. Then it may strike you as odd that motor coaches are in fact used often. The perks of choosing a motor coach over other forms of travel may surprise you.

Motor coaches (more popularly termed as buses) account for 751 million passenger trips every year and in some cases move more people than commercial airlines. The industry is made up of 3,400 businesses, nearly all of which are small. The total industry fleet amounts to nearly 34,000 vehicles.

Motor coaches serve more than those looking to make their way around a downtown urban center. They are especially useful


Four Reasons to Relax and Get Back to Nature at a Camp Resort

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Camping has long been an American pastime that everyone from college students to large families enjoy. Statistics have shown that most families and individuals like to camp about 14.9 days, roughly two weeks in the wilderness. When asked if they would like to come back again next year, 99% of campers said they were at least likely (if not more likely) to return again. But why are camp resorts such a big deal? Check out the many benefits they offer.

Amenities Can Make a Campground Even More Relaxing and Easier to Enjoy

It?s no secret that camping amenities can make the experience even easier to enjoy, be it for large families or even just a single person. Some of these can