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Looking for Kid-Friendly Vacation Ideas? Take the Whole Family Camping!

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Are you looking for vacation rentals for an upcoming getaway? If you also have children, then you want to locate a kid friendly vacation spot.

The Institute of Education at Plymouth University conducted a study with parents about family vacations. Most of the parents, or 95%, reported that their children seemed to be happier when these vacations were kid-friendly. Camping, it appears, was at the top of this list.

The study also showed that parents believe their children experience several benefits from going camping:

  • Children learn to appreciate and connect with nature: 98%
  • Children were happier when camping: 95%
  • Children learned useful skills for their future lives: 93%

Over 40.1 million Americans 6 years and older went camping in 2013, ac


The Versatile Activity of Camping

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Camping is one of the most beloved pastimes of those who love the outdoors. And one of the most exciting things about the activity is that just about anyone, anywhere can find a way to enjoy it. It is an activity that is easily tailored to the preferences of each and every person willing to venture out and take part. So whether you thrive on the rugged disconnect from modern comforts, or you’d prefer to be able to charge your phone at the end of the day, there is a camping experience for you. You just have to find it.

Experiencing the outdoors

Nearly half of adults who consider themselves campers report that the biggest reason why they set out for the


Get There Faster on the Best Private Jet Charter

Private jet

Lucrative businesses benefit from chartered flights and some even enjoy their own executive jet. While commercial jets cruise at 35,000 feet, smaller jets fly higher, and don’t have to deal with other air traffic, often making trips faster. They can fly in, get the job promptly, and fly back home on their own schedules. Many jet charter companies give instant jet quotes to make the process even quicker.

Business people flying on commercial airlines reported a 40% drop in productivity, according to a 2009 survey. In fact, one-third of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport, and 19% of flights are into large commercial airports. Because of this, when required to charter an ex


How To Find The Best Results With An Internet Search

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How do you decide which cabin to rent or travel website to use when planning your next vacation? It can be difficult to decide given the large number of companies and websites that exist in the world. Even if you narrow it down to a certain state, a certain city or a certain campground, it can still be a struggle to find the best option. Lucky for you, that?s why there are companies dedicated to managing tourism websites, camping websites and travel website design.

So, how do you conduct a Google search that results in just the perfect cabin or travel destination for your next trip?

There are a few different thing