4 Unusual Reasons To Hire A Limousine

What are the best things to hire a limo service to do? While weddings and prom night may come to mind easily, America’s limo drivers are making about 150 trips a week each, and only some of these are to such well-known events. There are plenty of other fun and useful things to do with a car service, from a wine tour to an anniversary celebration to an airport pickup. Here are four things to do with a limousine car service that you might never have thought of.

Wine Tour

What better way to match the elegance of a wine tour than getting there in an elegant limousine? Many limousine services near wine country will be very happy to arrange a wine tour for you. And if you thought that California was the only area where you could take a wine tour, think again. You can also take a wine tour in Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Georgia, and Washington State, among others. Expect your wine tour to include at least four stops with a wine tasting schedule that you and your guests arrange. You can enjoy yourselves at some of America’s finest wineries without any concern over who will be the designated driver home.

Dream Date

Gentlemen, listen up. If you have finally scored a date with a woman of your dreams, consider whether giving her VIP treatment from the very beginning wouldn’t be a great way to start off the relationship. Pick her up in a limo, take her to the movies, a nice restaurant, or even a local museum. Drop her off back home in style with nothing more than a chaste kiss on the cheek and you leave her interested in more and impressed with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Family Vacation

Would you and your family like to go to one of America’s big cities and see all the sites? If you try to do this on your own, you’ll be fighting traffic in an unfamiliar place and wasting enormous amounts of money just trying to find a parking spot. Get a limo rental and you can get there comfortably and enjoy the family time even in the car. Someone who knows the city can get you efficiently from place to place, and you never have to worry about finding parking. When you’re done at each attraction, your car will simply pick you up. Better than that, if you go with a local limo rental you may find that your driver knows some interesting places that aren’t in any guidebook.

Important Event

Whatever your important event, whether it’s a special anniversary, a significant birthday, or a gathering of friends who have not seen each other in years, one way to make it extra special is with a limousine rental. Let someone else be the designated driver for the night as you hit the clubs, go to a restaurant and opera, or return to that significant place where you first met.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might hire a limousine service. Limousines aren’t just for going to the prom or getting married: they are great for a wine tour, a special event, a family vacation, or even a first date. Any time you want to make an event especially meaningful, consider renting a meaningful vehicle for it.

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