Create a Memorable Vacation for the Entire Family-Go Camping!

Family camping vacations

When you go camping, you may like to stay in cabins, pitch tents, or crawl into a sleeping bag beneath the stars. While you have probably explored a variety of rustic campgrounds over the years, you may be interested in vacationing at a family-friendly campground this year.

The Outdoor Foundation’s recent survey reported that 67% of its participants spend the most time at public campgrounds. These are popular because they have amenities, organized activities, and the chance to interact with other campers. Furthermore, they are one of the most popular choices for family camping destinations.

Camping resorts are another popular destination for fun family vacations. In addition to traditional campground activities such as hiking, boating, and swimming, they also tend to have water splash parks and giant water slides. Other attractions may include miniature golf, basketball, and volleyball. Some may have arts and crafts workshops along with other fun activities, such as learning about local history.

Another benefit of staying at a camping resort is the availability of luxury cabins and other home-like amenities. If you’re planning to travel to the campground in the comfort of your RV, there are hook-ups if you’d like to spend a few nights there as well. When the children are busy with all of the kid-friendly activities, you can relax and just enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

People of all ages enjoy camping. In the United States alone, over 11 million children and adults go camping every year. While fathers tend to be the first person to take their children camping, mothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents do as well. So, too, do older siblings and family friends.

In 2011, for example, Americans spent over 534.9 million days camping. This averaged out to 12.6 days for every person, regardless of whether they roughed it or stayed in a luxury cabin.

If you haven’t been camping for a while, this is the year to explore a new public campground. When you tend to stay close to home for family vacations, you may also want to consider traveling a bit further so you can experience new outdoor surroundings.

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