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The best travel magazines are not the same, in fact your ideal travel magazine should cover the topics and issues that relate to your specific travel needs. Are you a luxury traveler, or a thrifty adventurer? Finding and identifying your preferred travel style will enhance your enjoyment in selecting the best travel magazines.

For the younger minded traveler, sometimes adventure and the ability to steer clear of the main attractions is hugely important. With regards to the best travel magazines, look for titles that feature columns and articles by like minded travelers. If you identify with someone that focuses on minimal packing, exotic locations, and novel foods you will want features that do not focus on more popular tourist destinations. Sometimes the smaller niche magazines are the best candidates for the best travel magazines covering your ideal destinations.

Other travelers may self identify as more luxury travel aficionados versus a budget minded traveler. Your take on the best travel magazines will look at vastly different criteria. Your needs at resorts or hotels go far beyond the functional and look at the finer amenities. Do you prefer to find the top restaurants in the area to sample the local fare? Magazines addressing not only the area amenities, but pointing you to proper services, such as concierge services, will go a long way in your enjoyment of traveling. It could mean the difference between getting the reservations that you want and having to settle for a lesser restaurant. Do your enroute travel needs reflect those of the best travel magazines? For example, your luggage or rental services may differ drastically from those twenty somethings backpacking through Europe. The types of advertisers can give you a hint into whether you will find the articles and columns relevant to your travel needs. While those articles may be interesting you will find value in the best travel magazines that share experiences more in line with your life stage and needs.

While we still think of magazines, and specifically the best travel magazines as being primarily in bookstores you cannot forgot their online versions. Sometimes the online version of the best travel magazines will have additional information that is not found in the print edition. Take care to examine your needs and preferences in selecting the best travel magazines since it will pay dividends in your future travel.

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