Full Time RVing — The Most Relaxing and Romantic Way to Retire

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In 2011, over 42 million people went on camping trips–and for good reason. Campgrounds are a great place to escape for a weekend vacation, but the camping life can also be an ideal retirement plan.

If you love travel, learning, and exploring, then you surely won’t be able to spend retirement sitting in your lazyboy. Here are seven reasons why camp grounds are the most relaxing and romantic places for retirement.

  • Because you’ll spend less time on chores and more time on relaxation and leisure!

    After years of home ownership, you’ll say goodbye to tasks like taking care of the lawn and dusting off shelves. RVs are much easier to clean and maintain than a full size house. You can leave the yardwork up to the RV park or camp ground where you choose to stay.

    Don’t like the maintenance of your current camp site? No worries, you can pick up and move to one of the camp grounds nearby. Won’t it be easier to relax if you downsize and spend less time on housework and more time on your own hobbies?

  • Because local camp grounds will inspire you to explore your surroundings!
    Some campers choose to keep their permanent homes, but decide to take weekend adventures in their camper. The typical camper will travel an average of 191 miles from home on about five trips a year to see new sights and attractions. Even camp grounds nearby your home may offer a relaxing break from your normal routine.

    Just picture the welcome desk with the visitor brochure for your local state park! Sure, you may recognize lots of the attractions but now you and your honey can play the tourists right there in your own backyard.

  • Because there’s nothing more romantic than exploring the country!
    Imagine waking up at camp grounds nearby the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, or Niagra falls! Whether you live in your camper full time or you only take an occasional trip, your RV will allow you to travel all over the continent.

    There are camp grounds nearby every single national park, historic site, and monument. Plan your route so you can visit museums, scenic byways, and local attractions. Remember, you’re retired so there’s no reason to rush your trip or put in long hours of driving. Take your time and enjoy the never ending vacation of your dreams!

  • Because you can visit your family from the comfort of your home!

    One of the perks of full time RVing is that you get to bring your home and all your belongings along with you while you travel. It’s wonderful to be able to visit the grandkids, and even better when you can return to your bed, parked in a nearby camp ground, each night! Campsites can also make a great space to host the grandkids for family camping.

  • Because camping keeps you active!
    Since you’ll often find Camp grounds nearby beautiful and interesting places, you’ll want to go and explore these attractions up close. A survey of regular campers found that 92% enjoyed hiking and 87% even said that they participated in two or more outdoor sports. Camping is just an active lifestyle.

    You and your sweetheart can take up new hobbies, like canoeing, or brush up on old interests like bicycling and golf. Nothing will keep the romance alive quite like staying healthy and in shape.

If you’re ready for fewer worries and lots of new experiences, then campgrounds could be the retirement resort for you. Weekend camping trips and full time RVing are great ways to rekindle your energy and your romance. Every day out is a first date, with a new place to explore and the comforts of home and loved ones close at hand.

So what do you want out of retirement? All you have to do is sit down with a pen and paper and make a list of all the locations and attractions you want to see. Camp Grounds nearby all of your dream destinations are waiting for you.
If you’re an RV retiree, we want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments about some of your favorite camp ground resorts!

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