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How do you decide which cabin to rent or travel website to use when planning your next vacation? It can be difficult to decide given the large number of companies and websites that exist in the world. Even if you narrow it down to a certain state, a certain city or a certain campground, it can still be a struggle to find the best option. Lucky for you, that?s why there are companies dedicated to managing tourism websites, camping websites and travel website design.

So, how do you conduct a Google search that results in just the perfect cabin or travel destination for your next trip?

There are a few different things that determine what results you get in an Internet search. One of the first things you?ll run into is SEO or search engine optimization. Statistics show that 75 percent of search traffic is driven by search engine optimization. This means that the keywords you use to do your Internet search actually pull the most relevant websites and information. If you can select the best keywords, you?ll likely receive results that will help you finish your online search. Platforms like Google even make sure to keep their systems updated so that your searches result in the best information. Around 500-600 times a year, Google alters its algorithm. Fortunate for most companies, SEO costs less by about 61 percent than other forms of advertising or leads they can invest in.

The next thing a cabin or campground might consider to bring in more customers is an optimized website. Whether it?s the website design or the content on the website, it can really intrigue a consumer into purchasing a specific product or location like a cabin or RV park. In the next five years, companies are expected to spend 75 percent of their marketing budgets on digital marketing to bring in more consumers. This is seen through website design and the options provided to consumers when they go to a website. For instance, many consumers are intrigued by and convinced by reviews. Before making a purchase on a product or committing to renting something like a cabin, 80-90 percent of consumers first check for and read reviews of a company.

The next time you prepare for a summer trip to a cabin or a campground or you?re looking to purchase an item online, consider the keywords you use in your Internet search. Once you arrive at a specific website, consider how the design and options on the website determine whether or not you proceed or choose another company.

Have you ever rented a cabin or purchased a product based on a company?s website? Let us know in the comments what your experience with Internet searches or website design is.

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