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Finding the best travel magazines can be an adventure in itself. There are niches within niches, and while it may take a bit of reading to find the perfect travel magazines you are likely to find something that speaks to your specific preferences.

What is your travel mindset? Are you a lone explorer or a wealthier connoisseur? Different travel magazines will write to different audiences across the spectrum of life stages and ages. Doing some research into what is available will serve you well.

Take an inventory of your most recent vacations and travels. You should be able to paint a fairly vivid picture of your family needs, your lodging and in travel amenities and the activities you enjoy at your destination to find the travel magazines with the most relevant content.

A family with younger kids may want something that features disney style vacations and cruises. Their target travel magazines should include content from other parents that know what is involved in travelling with children. They can speak about the destination activities and the family friendly restaurant choices. Also, family oriented travel magazines could be a good resource of tips and travel gear that will make it easier to get out and go with kids.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may want travel magazines that feature more serene and exotic locations for an older and more traveled adult. While you are less interested in family dining, you may want articles about how to get into some of the top restaurants and which concierge service might help you. These travel magazines should feature writers that actually qualify for the airline clubs and stay at some of the more elite hotels.

Also, if you are more into adventure travel you may need travel magazines that really analyze the more extreme choices in recreation around the globe. It would not be uncommon for these travel magazines to cover posh resorts and then to recommend a hostel for certain locations. These travel magazines might be more tech oriented in terms of gear or tips for maintaining phone and internet connections across the globe.

Whichever travel magazines you decide to read, make sure they share your mindset. No matter the type of travel or destination, you are practically assured to find travel magazines that can give you all you want to read.

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