The Perfect Camping Vacation For Your Family

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Are you looking for the perfect summer vacation for you and your family? Are you looking for something that is affordable, but will also provide you and your family with exciting activities and lasting memories? Do you want a vacation that you children can be surrounded by educational opportunities and outdoor related activities? Camping is a vacation that encourages both education and recreation outdoors for all ages and types of people. Camping is a popular and timeless vacation choice. If you were ever taken camping as a child, it is likely that you remember how much fun and excitement you had during your camping trip. Family cabin camping parks offer a lot of benefits and a lot of fun for all ages of your family. It is a trip that they will talk about for months and will look forward to going on further camping trips.

The 2014 American Camper Report shows that 40.1 million Americans, or 14% of the US population over the age of 6, camped in 2013. Camping is and has always been a popular vacation choice. It is low cost and yet it still provides campers with a lot of options, as far as recreation goes. Camping trips can last longer than resort or beach vacations because of their affordability. People do not have to pay as much for family cabin camping parks or vacation cabin rentals, so they are able to have longer and more frequent camping trips. Each camping participant, whether staying in a tent, RV, cabin, bivy or yurt, spent an average of 14.9 days camping.

If you remember camping as a child, you probably were pretty young. Most parents take their children for their first camping trip while they are little. If a child is not introduced to camping early on, they may lose excitement and not be as willing to try it out. In fact, among current camping participants, 85% took their first trip between birth and age 15. After age 15, the chances of being introduced to camping were slim. Similarly, 57% of campers participated in regular outdoor activities as children, while a just one quarter of nonparticipants were exposed to the outdoors. In other words, if you expose your young children to the outdoors and camping, they are likely to enjoy the outdoors more and be more willing to enjoy a family cabin camping parks trip.

Those who go on camping trips are also much more likely to want to camp again in the near future. 99% of camping participants said they were likely or very likely to camp next year, according to the 2014 American Camping Report. These stats refer to both camping in a tent and cabin camping. Family cabin camping is often preferred to those families with larger families or younger children, because of the availability of amenities. Campgrounds with cabins allow families to experience the feel of camping, while having shelter and sometimes even electricity. Vacation cabins and family cabin camping parks may have running water and indoor restrooms, making camping easier for those families with very young children.

Summer vacation is upon us and many families are currently planning their family vacations. Camping is a great option because it is both affordable and it promotes education and outdoor recreation of children. Children who experience camping early on are more likely to enjoy outdoor recreation and want to camp again in the future. Camping is available in a variety of conditions, including tent camping at a campsite and even family cabin camping parks, which allow families to stay in cabins with electricity and running water for more convenience.

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