The Private Jet Experience Could Be Yours

Types of private planes

When you have places to go, the best mode of transportation is one that will get you there efficiently, and ideally, be quite enjoyable as well. For those who travel quite a bit for business, especially those who travel further than just the next town or two over, flying is often the best bet for getting there the fastest. But with congested airports, long lines at check in and security check points, and cramped seating, commercial air travel does not always sound very exciting. For these reasons and more, jet charters can be the perfect solution.

The best private jet experience for you

There are plenty of reasons to take a chartered flight, and it’s not just for the sake of the prestige you may feel when being able to say that you have. Sure, taking a private jet charter certainly has a way of making you feel important, but it is more than just that image that is portrayed that makes your jet charter experience worth it. For one, there is the element of productivity.

According to one survey, those flying for business who ended up traveling commercially reported a staggering 40% drop in productivity. Imagine setting out for a business trip across the country, knowing that you will have to go over important documents, have meetings, or do other work along the way. How much of that can you envision getting done cramped in a commercial plane with barely any elbow room? Now picture those tasks being undertaken on a private chartered jet. You can almost feel more productive already, just thinking about it.

Fly higher, faster, and in style

It was recently estimated that there were more than 11,000 private jets registered within the United States alone. This provides tremendous opportunity to make your way across the country the way that works best for you. Not only are there plenty of chartered jets, but you will likely be able to get closer to where your intended destination is. While there are only about 550 airports around the country that are used by commercial airlines, private jets have access to a network of airports numbering above 5,000 in the U.S. alone. And as smaller planes can fly higher than the 35,000 feet that commercial jets typically fly at, you’re going to be arriving faster as well.

Between the increased productivity, and the faster, more accessible flights, your business trips have the potential to truly become something incredible. Choosing a private jet for your business travel needs will soon have your business soaring with success.

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