The Versatile Activity of Camping

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Camping is one of the most beloved pastimes of those who love the outdoors. And one of the most exciting things about the activity is that just about anyone, anywhere can find a way to enjoy it. It is an activity that is easily tailored to the preferences of each and every person willing to venture out and take part. So whether you thrive on the rugged disconnect from modern comforts, or you’d prefer to be able to charge your phone at the end of the day, there is a camping experience for you. You just have to find it.

Experiencing the outdoors

Nearly half of adults who consider themselves campers report that the biggest reason why they set out for the campgrounds or the middle of nowhere to pitch their tent is the joy of the activity itself. There are plenty of enthusiasts who count down the days until their next date with the great outdoors. But there are also plenty of other cases that might find you packing up the tent or gassing up the RV. People camp outdoors for all sorts of reasons, whether they’re in the middle of a road trip, they are heading to a nearby event, or they’ve been drawn to attractions that warrant a stay in a campground rather than a hotel. But even if you are not a huge fan of roughing it, there are quite comfortable forms of camping as well.

Find your outdoor style

The idea of heading out away from the comforts of your home to sleep under the stars is more appealing to some than it is to others. But the wide variety of options and opportunities to make the experience your own very easily make it accessible to everyone. Some like to take lengthy road trips or travel to distance lands to pitch their tents. About 63% of adults don’t go further than 150 miles of home during their camping trips. Some people look for campgrounds with cabins, others drive the RV to their favorite spot. Some prefer a yurt or even a bivy to a tent. Most spend an average of almost 15 days taking part in the beloved activity, regardless of how they choose to spend their time, and in what type of shelter they choose to sleep.

No matter how long you do decide to go, how you decide to spend your time, or what type of camper you decide you are, just remember that the beauty of it all is in the diversity of it, and in the freedom that you have to make the adventure exactly what you want it to be.

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