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Camden Town Centrally Located, Alternatively Exciting

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Over 30 million people find their way to London, for business or pleasure, every year. Buckingham Palace, the Museum of London, and many other famous attractions play a big part in drawing tourists and businessmen. According to London Loves Business, this steady income of tourist dollars will lead to 1.8% growth in London’s hospitality industry by the end of 2013.

If you’re heading to London, contributing to the city’s healthy tourist culture, there are some things you should know to improve your visit; namely you’ll need to know about the best places to stay. When you consider that there are over 101,000 hotel rooms in London, it becomes clear that finding the best hotels might require some assistance.

What You Should Look for on Your Hotel Search

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When Traveling Abroad, Find Inexpensive Hotels

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If you are looking for a fun vacation abroad, you would do well to consider visiting London, England. In fact, with tourism growing there, the city introduced 8,000 additional hotel rooms in 2012. The options for travelers looking for hotels in London are now so plentiful that Central London has approximately 1,600 hotels. Whether you are interested in a cheap hotel search or you’d like to peruse the five-star accommodations–which number more than 3,000–the city has plenty to offer.

One of the more interesting things about London is its distinctive combination of Old-World appeal and a memorable modern skyline with seemingly countless in


Conquer Fears of Flying with Knowledge and Support

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Did you know that, according to NBC news, one in six American adults admit to a fear of flying, and even 35% pilots and crew have some level of flying-related anxiety? Recent events, including injuries and fatalities resulting from the crash of Asiana Flight 214, only make things worse. How safe is air travel, and how can adults overcome flying stress and enjoy vacations?

Know That Airplanes Are the Safest Means of Travel

The New York Times reveals that individuals could fly for 123,000 years straight and live to tell the tale, and an MIT statistics professor further drives home the point, confirming that the likelihood of dying in a commercial air plane crash is one in 45 million flights. Moreover, there are 30,000 flights a day, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.