5 Ways Camping Is Good For Your Family’s Health

You and your family are looking for the perfect way to spend the last few weeks of summer vacation. You could visit a new city, you could go to the beach, or you could go camping. A camping trip is incredibly fun because there are so many different things to do. Better yet, camping is great for your health too.


You and your family are going to get a ton of exercise on your camping trip. You can swim, fish, hike, and more. In fact, hiking is the most popular activity among campers. According to a recent report, 92% of campers hiked on their trip. Hiking helps improve your circulation, lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, and lower your risk of heart problems.

Better sleep

Getting a better night’s sleep is just another reason why camping is good for your health. According to a research study from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2013, camping can reset your biological clock to help people who find it hard to fall asleep and/or wake up in the morning.

Fresh air

Another great thing about camping is the fresh air you get from being outside. You’re surrounded by trees that give off a high capacity of oxygen which is great for you in many ways. First, your brain functions better with higher oxygen levels and releases serotonin which makes you feel happier. Additionally, fresh air improves your blood pressure, aiding digestion, and boosting your immune system.


Camping will introduce your kids to a whole new set of skills. This exposure to different kinds of challenges keeps your kids’ brains healthy, and it increases learning opportunities.

Less stress

As mentioned above, the fresh air from camping releases serotonin, a chemical that helps make you feel happy. Sunlight, oxygen, and increases physical activity all help produce serotonin, and you get plenty of that when you’re camping.

Camping Nicholas County WV

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy these incredible benefits, then camping Nicholas County WV is just right for you and your family. You can enjoy the many hiking trails, biking trails, and other family vacations spots like Summersville Lake WV and the Summersville Dam WV. No matter what you do, you and your family will have an amazing time camping in Nicholas County, WV.

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