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When is the last time that you were able to spend quality time with your whole family? Chances are, when you do happen to get everyone together, there are plenty of distractions, from work calls or stress to social texts to homework to sports to media. And chances are quite good that you often feel that you are competing with some sort of device for the attention of your family members. If that does not seem true, it could be because your family members are the ones competing with your devices for attention. Your family is probably overdue for a good family vacation.

Finding the right vacation theme and destination
Some families have a very strong set of common interests that they can all share, which provides for excellent opportunities for bonding. However, many families don’t have that common thread, or at least one that they can rely on for quality family time. The trick to the perfect, or at least the most enjoyable, family vacation is finding something to do that everyone can enjoy. Now, part of that trick might just have to be that everyone takes a deep breath and decides to approach the outing with a wide open mind, but that will be good for everyone too. Whatever you decide to do for your family vacation, try to touch on everyone’s interests, whether that means finding an activity that everyone can have fun doing, or incorporating several different activities, allowing everyone to share in each other’s interests and hobbies.

Family camping trips make the perfect family vacations
Taking your family camping, whether you head to shady campsites or sunny campgrounds, can be the perfect base for a multitude of fun adventures for your family. Even if you or your family would not quite identify as outdoor enthusiasts, there are so many different options for how you could go about your family vacation. Trying your hand at tent camping could add a new aspect as you work together to get something new going. Or if you are sure that at least one of you will not have fun tent camping, there are so many other versions of camping, such as in a recreational vehicle, renting a cabin, or discovering the experience of camping in a yurt. Once you have decided on and set up a base camp, you and your family are free to explore and experience the area. Whether you want to venture out into the woods on a hike or into a nearby town to shop, you should be able to find something for everyone.

Why not give camping a shot?

Quality bonding time and the chance to explore new adventures together are great reasons to choose camping for your vacation. And you are not alone in your decision. About 47% of people who chose to camp admitted that they love to do so for the simple act of it. There is simply something about camping that helps to relieve stress, as you are able to get back to nature and relax, and simplify your life by getting some things into perspective. Another 13% of campers said that they enjoy the activity because it is an ideal way to spend quality time with family. Family camping is such a popular choice for vacationing Americans, that the total days spent camping in just one year added up to about 534.9 million days, each traveling an average of almost 190 miles for their camping trips.

There is plenty of adventure, nature, and excitement to be discovered with your family on your next vacation, and you might just fall in love with camping while you’re at it. Find your family’s common interest in the great outdoors!

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