Conquer Fears of Flying with Knowledge and Support

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Did you know that, according to NBC news, one in six American adults admit to a fear of flying, and even 35% pilots and crew have some level of flying-related anxiety? Recent events, including injuries and fatalities resulting from the crash of Asiana Flight 214, only make things worse. How safe is air travel, and how can adults overcome flying stress and enjoy vacations?

Know That Airplanes Are the Safest Means of Travel

The New York Times reveals that individuals could fly for 123,000 years straight and live to tell the tale, and an MIT statistics professor further drives home the point, confirming that the likelihood of dying in a commercial air plane crash is one in 45 million flights. Moreover, there are 30,000 flights a day, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Compare that number to the handful of crashes reported on the news, and it becomes evident that airplanes are a means of safe travelling.

Finally, whether you are undertaking legion family travel, family travel tours, or flying for business, small and large airplanes are just as safe. According to commercial pilot Patrick Smith, “Those regional jets, the 50-seaters, they’re small. And because they’re small, people tend be apprehensive. But inherently there’s nothing that makes a large plane safer than a small plane; it’s simply that you’re more disconnected from the sensations of flights on a large plane.”

Confront Fears

One of the best airplane travel tips is to confront your fears. Instead of being apprehensive of flying, do a little bit of research that is likely to put your mind at ease. Turbulence, for example, is not an indication that flights are unsafe. Professor Robert Bor, author of Overcome Your Fear of Flying, emphasizes, “Turbulence arises because of air currents, that’s all.” Supplement knowledge with support. Talk to the flight crew about your anxiety. Flight attendants can answer any questions you may have, and are likely to check in on your progress, and offer support, during the flight.

Enjoy legion family travel, vacations, and business trips, by confronting your fear of flying. Know that plane crashes are highly unlikely, put your mind at ease by researching any triggers (such as turbulence), and ask flight attendants for extra support.

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