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Do you take yearly vacations? Perhaps you should. Some studies show a correlation between time off work and improved productivity. Of course, to get the full benefit of vacation it is best if work does not come with you. About one in 10 vacationers admit they have trouble relaxing; checking in with work even through email can put a damper on the fun. The trick to having a truly relaxing vacation might be to look into one of the many all inclusive vacation packages available.

Destination vacations to places such as Disney World in Florida, or the luxury villas at the beaches in the Caribbean, typically feature all inclusive resorts. This means guests pay a flat fee that includes accommodations, some if not all meals, transportation, and when applicable, activities. Having the trip planned for in this way can make budgeting simpler. You could make a list, or a chart for expenses to keep track. Or you could even seek the help of a travel agent. Just remember that a vacation is meant to be stress-free, and that includes the planning of said vacation time.

Balancing too many obligations can cause burnout. Working long hours towards a goal is one thing; slogging away is another. When the thought of work morphs into feelings of dread, experts recommend perspective. How far away you have to go to get it is up to you. Remember that just because things are grey and dreary where you are, it must be warm and sunny somewhere.

Deciding to go on vacation is the easy part. The next step is where to go and when. Some people prefer to vacation during the off season, while others love traveling where there will be plenty of people. Coordinating with your employer and work schedule will largely dictate the time of year you travel. But if you can only get time off during the bleakness of winter, do not despair. Tropical destinations such as Cabo San Lucas are sunny nearly 350 days out of the year, with an average temperate of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Luxury villas close to warm sandy beaches do not need to be an idle daydream used to wile away the hours at work. After all, sunlight is known to cause the body to increase one’s level of serotonin, one of the hormones that make you feel happy. And while a vacations spent in luxury villas as part of an all inclusive vacation will not solve all of your problems, it sure would help most people unwind.

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