Four Things That Make the Best Travel Magazines Stand Out Above the Rest

Best travel magazines

What makes the world’s best travel magazines, well, the best? Thousands of travel publications litter store shelves and the shelves of local bookstores, and some are online exclusively too. Some are good, others are poor and some are absolutely fantastic. What separates the top publications from the others is usually the places they cover, the writers and photographers they use, and the access they allow to readers.

One, the best travel magazines showcase places all over the world. They do not hone in on one specific country or region of the globe but instead incorporate it all. This includes destinations that have been popular for decades like Hawaii and the Caribbean, but it too includes lesser known places and destination trips to places like Israel and North Africa. All destinations are covered, and some are revisited if they warrant additional coverage.

Two, the best travel magazines have great travel writers whom they pay handsomely to travel the world and cover these destinations with a clear focus on helping to form suggestions and opinions to aid others who may wish to travel there in the near future. The world’s best travel magazine will use the world’s best travel writers, and in some cases these writers submit articles to several travel publications in hopes that their works get published in as many places as possible. What is more important here, though, is that these writers understand how to write for travel purposes, and they always have their eyes on the prize, which is these destinations and the various positive highlights to cover.

Three, the best travel magazines have interesting photography that captures these places in all their glory. Photographers usually either accompany these travel writers or visit these spaces in their own free time, capturing the beauty of these places and then sending these high resolution images over to the travel magazine for retouching and perfecting. Once that part is finished, the editors and designers at the best travel magazines will feature beautiful spreads of these destinations, making them desirable to anyone who looks at them.

Four, the best travel magazines have strong online components, giving consumers two easy ways to read up on travel destinations. And usually, what they have online is just as fantastic as what is available through a regular print publication. The best travel magazines ensure what they have in print and what they have online are similar but that each stands on its own.

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