How to Reach Your RV Park Camping Customers Electronically

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Camping often means a disconnect from technology. The point of camping is to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery that our country has to offer. However, without these technology and internet capabilities, how can you advertise your RV park to those families looking for a getaway? How can you ensure that you are reaching local campers and that they are going to choose your RV park over other ones?

Invest in a professional web design
Yes, even though you are promoting an opportunity to get away from technology and its grasp on us, you need a professional web design. The majority of travelers look for their next travel opportunity on the internet. They look at reviews, accommodations, and location. If you do not have an accessible website, your RV park will never be an option to them. It is also important to have your website promoted on local travel and tourism websites for even more exposure. Having a professional website increases the chances that one of these well known website will share your park to its readers

Update your website frequently
Not only is it important to have a professional website, but you also need to maintain it. Travelers want to vacation at properties that are kept up and in good overall shape. They expect to see updated information, prices, and activities. Updating your website often with vacation tips, a detailed RV park design, and calendars of events can not only be helpful to attracting customers, but also in increasing your SEO results.

Search engine optimization work
Vacationers have many options to choose from. With the internet, they can search even further away and find RV parks that meet their needs. While this helps you gain attention, it also increases your business competition. Once your website is fully designed and created, it is time to get it out there. Begin marketing your website and increase the SEO strategies. SEO, or search engine optimization is increasing your chances at being found organically. It essentially gives you a leg up over your competition.

While you can handle basic SEO tasks, such as posting engaging content frequently and keeping your website updated, other SEO tasks should be outsourced. It is estimated that SEO drives 75% of search traffic. When shopping online, 44% of shoppers start with a search engine. It is crucial that you are one of those higher listed search results with potential vacationers search for local RV parks or cabin rentals.

Increasing marketing efforts
In addition to SEO strategies, you will also want to develop a strong marketing plan. With so many potential customers on the internet in some form, marketing should target these customers. Utilize online advertisements, Email marketing, and social media. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads, like those from direct mail and print advertising, have a 1.7% close rate. Take this information and shape it into your marketing plan.

Keep in touch with your customers
Once you have attracted a customer, it is crucial to keep in touch with them. If they are highly satisfied with their visit, they are more likely to return. They will also recommend the RV park to their family and friends. Keeping in touch with the customer includes providing them with an easy check in, checkout, and booking process. The best way to offer convenience is with technology. Reach out to your customers after their stay to see what you could do to improve for future visits. You can learn a lot about the customer in this method.

Camping is a popular American vacation. It is cost efficient, convenient, and encourages a disconnect from popular electronic devices. However, it is still important for the RV park itself to be on the internet for marketing purposes. A successful RV park marketing campaign should include SEO work, internet marketing, and a professional web design. Reach your potential customers where they are already, on the internet. From there, you can show them the joy of disconnecting for a camping vacation.

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