Kitty Hawk Why Flying Still Matters Today

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There is an ethereal beauty to flying on a plane. The plane is in the clouds, basking in the sun, the land all underneath and so far away that major objects look like pinpricks. A pilot may look at this and see a map–a gorgeous map in which the passenger and the pilot can travel to different states or destinations easily.

It’s a road that goes in all directions and up to the skill of the pilot to navigate that road and its elements.

For many people, this is a dream that never comes true. While flying was the lore in the nation’s consciousness for years and years, long after the Wright Brothers made their landmark flight at Kitty Hawk, people in today’s day and age view flying as just an opportunity to go to the next destination, rather than seeing it as the joy of the flight.

This is disappointing for many in the flying and aviation fields, people who love flying and make it their passion to fly planes to new destinations. The sun rising, the sky dark, the stars twinkling, the ocean beckoning, the height of trees in the Amazon just mere specks down below…the wonder and dreams of pilots who sleep awake of the possibilities.

Today, for the vast majority of Americans, flying likely doesn’t seem as interesting as it was in year’s past. Today, most of the world (seemingly) has been explored by great explorers in the past. The world has been mapped out. The sea currents have been charted. The air currents have been diagrammed. And the world has lost seemingly its mystery.

This is for some Americans, not all.

Americans today view flying as a chore to get to the next destination. That destination may be Omaha, Los Angeles, Maui, Singapore, but the joy of flying itself has been lost in the endless array of flights and connecting flights, of electronic equipment connecting us to an online network of people.

But today there are a fortunate few that get to enjoy the purpose and passion of flying without being weighed down by the endless security checks and the endless baggage terminals and the endless parade of terrible food that is served as a pretense for meals and loud babies and fat guys taking up two seats.

This is the world of the Gulfstream Charter Plane, of the private jets for charter, of the ultimate private jet, to the worldwide jet charter, to the international jet charter, and to the executive private jet charter. This is the world of the private jet and all its simplicity and wonder, for those who have a chance to ride it.

Around 1.2 million Americans are employed by the business aviation industry, which generates $150 billion in economic activity each year. These, likely, are the commercial airlines for the majority of the people and money. But it may be surprising to some to know how many private jets are out there and what the impact is.

By 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the United States. The United States accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market, with Europe in second at 20.8%. Private jets use a network of more than 5,000 airports in the United States, with commercial airports using just 500.

And for cost: It costs $106,711.17 to charter a Gulfstream V from NYC to San Francisco for a weekend.

Private jets have many perks: They are private, they are fast, and they are comfortable. Private jets seat whomever is allowed on the plane. No more, no less. They are fast in that they fly higher than commercial airlines, meaning they don’t have to deal with air traffic, which makes trips faster. And they are comfortable. That needs no explanation.

A private charter quote can be found on a company’s website. A private charter quote varies depending on the type of jet being used. The Gulfstream V from the example above is one of the more expensive models. A private charter quote will include a few for the length of the trip and how long the jet will be used.

Finally, a private charter quote will explain in detail why a certain charge is a certain charge and explain all the components that led to the final amount.

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