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Have you read the numbers from The Daily Mail marking London as the sixth most expensive city in the world? Unfortunately for the city’s residents, that statistic doesn’t lie, but for the 30 million people who visit London every year, according to The London Plan, the city’s price-tag is vastly overestimated, especially when looking at the price of its hotels.

According to TTG Digital, London’s hotel bookings dropped 35% following the 2012 London Olympics. Quite simply, the interest that had grown around the international games left en masse following the closing ceremonies. This left the owners of the city’s best hotels to wonder how they were going to keep their doors open. By re-marketing themselves as budget hotels, London’s best were able to attract travelers on their European vacations back to the city.

Even with the increased interest in visiting the Big Smoke evidenced by increased tourism numbers, discount hotel rooms are only £4 more expensive than they were a year ago, according to The Telegraph. In stark contrast, Birmingham, one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations, has seen a 47% increase in the cost of its hotels in a one year period.

As The Guardian suggests, many of London’s best discount hotel rooms can be had for under £100 per night. However, there are some things travelers should keep in mind to make sure booking discount hotel rooms only slashes prices, not quality.

  • Location- Statistics from Market Metrix show that 30.2% of people choose a hotel because of its location, nearly double those who choose based on price alone. After all, it’s not going to matter whether or not you find discount hotel rooms if you have to spend your entire trip on the tube or your savings on taxi-fare. In London, the best hotels are in Camden and Kings Cross. Both offer plenty to do nearby, while also giving you easy access to the trains for those adventures you want to take across London Town.
  • Attentive staff- Especially if you’re travelling to London from another country, having a great hotel staff is the key to your being able to see the city like a local. Whether they’re offering discount hotel rooms or not, your London hotel should serve as a portal to all the city has to offer. Restaurants, museums, and other entertainment should be no farther than a conversation away.

There’s no better time than now to visit London. With lower prices than are found in many of the United Kingdom’s other major cities, the Big Smoke’s budget accommodations are perfect for family vacations, a romantic getaway, and business trips. Just make sure you aren’t saving your wallet at the expense of your enjoyment. Helpful links.

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  • Frank Jacobs
    January 10, 2014 at 9:02 am |

    If I wanted to go to Birmingham, how long would it take me from London?

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