Looking for Kid-Friendly Vacation Ideas? Take the Whole Family Camping!

Campgrounds near lake george

Are you looking for vacation rentals for an upcoming getaway? If you also have children, then you want to locate a kid friendly vacation spot.

The Institute of Education at Plymouth University conducted a study with parents about family vacations. Most of the parents, or 95%, reported that their children seemed to be happier when these vacations were kid-friendly. Camping, it appears, was at the top of this list.

The study also showed that parents believe their children experience several benefits from going camping:

  • Children learn to appreciate and connect with nature: 98%
  • Children were happier when camping: 95%
  • Children learned useful skills for their future lives: 93%

Over 40.1 million Americans 6 years and older went camping in 2013, according to the “2014 American Camper Report.” Given that camping is the most-loved outdoor pastime for Americans, they spend a considerable amount of money to enjoy the outdoors. In 2013 alone, the camping industry grossed roughly $5 billion.

How far in advance are you planning your camping trip? A survey showed that 43% of your fellow campers are planning their’s a minimum of a month ahead of time. Many campgrounds, such as campgrounds near Lake George, can accommodate you and your family when you plan a minimum of a month in advance. You’ll be happy to discover that Lake George has quite a few kid-friendly activities available, too.

If you went camping as a child, no doubt you engaged in quite a few outdoor activities that gave you fond memories. Chances are that you want your children to have these experiences as well. In addition to just enjoying the outdoors, there’s fishing, swimming, and other enriching activities, such as organized games and educational tours.

Since you’re looking for vacation rentals to provide a fun-filled family vacation, chances are that you’ve already begun packing. While you’re packing up your car or van, though, be sure to schedule your vacation at least a month in advance. If this is the first time you’re taking your children camping, it will be wonderful to have this experience with them. This will probably be the first of many family camping trips you take throughout their lives.

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