Looking to Attract Foreign Investors? Why Making the Switch to Private Charter Jets Could Be Key

Private charter jets

More than 8 million Americans get onto a commercial airline flight every day, but rising rates of turbulence and passenger traffic have more fliers contacting local charter jet companies. Bypassing crowds and extended wait times is increasingly appealing, and private charter jet companies bank on giving their clients exactly what they need: a VIP flying experience. Executives who spend a significant amount of their working life on commercial airplanes report that they are more productive when flying with private aircraft charter services and that they can devote more of their energy toward meeting their customers’ business needs.

Experts report that mid-flight turbulence on commercial flights stands to increase by as much as 40% and that — startlingly — two-thirds of commercial airline table trays were found to harbor a “superbug” virus. Commercial flights may have more pressure to execute rapid turnarounds, and may skip the cleaning process due to pressure to get flights into the air. This is bad news for commercial fliers, and charter plane services maintain a strong commitment to thorough and complete cleaning routines for passenger health and safety.

The VIP flying experience is about safety, comfort, and privacy. Having the ability to meet privately with important clients is essential, and corporations want their employees to provide more tailored customer care aboard private charter jets. Studies of commercial airlines are worrisome: more than half of all commercial pilots recently reported that they have fallen asleep during flights. Commercial airline pilots also report that they are not paid for the time they spend preparing for flights, and overall the lack of training for commercial pilots should be more of an urgent public concern.

Commercial airline pilots also suffer from cost-cutting measures that large airlines impose with a free hand: flying with less than the recommended level of fuel and overlooking cleaning protocols are frequently mentioned, and although large airlines continue to raise their prices, frequent fliers are demanding better service and fewer delays. Aircraft charter services are dedicated to capitalizing on customers’ dissatisfaction with what has become all-too-routine neglect on the part of major airlines.

Private jet companies can provide their clients with flexible flying schedules and with the comfort that comes from avoiding long lines at the airport. Losing important accounts because of flight delays is never a good thing, and companies that seek to expand their presence internationally may choose to consider flying their executives via private charter jet. Recent studies show that executives report increased productivity on private flights and decreased productivity on commercial flights. Preparing for presentations or key meetings should be undertaken in a relaxed atmosphere, and making business-related phone or video calls is certain to be ruined by crying children or other inevitable distractions on commercial flights.

Companies must be aware, however, that they should contract with reputable aircraft charter services that maintain a stellar reputation. Finding established local jet charter services is of the utmost importance, and contracting with companies that maintain a strong commitment to cleanliness, maintenance, and safety is key: with the private jet market set to expand in the next several years, establishing a contract for private jet charters is best done well in advance of anticipated need. Smaller fleets are also more likely to be consistently maintained, experts say.

Every business must constantly strive to save money and to eliminate wasteful budget line items, but experienced executives realize that they stand to profit from investing in more secure, more private travel options. Companies that invest in high-quality, secure travel arrangements for their employees and business partners should realize the positive impact that private charter jets could have on their long-term fiscal success. The basics of business may revolve around saving money, but time is also a valuable commodity for frequent travelers. Companies of every size are starting to move toward aircraft charter services, and across the country, charter jet companies are more than happy to absorb dissatisfied commercial passengers.

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