The Argument for Taking a Real Break From Work

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Do you lose your motivation during the workday? The three p.m. lull in energy happens to us all, no matter how much work there is to finish. Sometimes it is a pile-up of tasks that makes even starting seem next to impossible. If the thought of work inspires feelings of apathy, you might be experiencing burn-out. The cure is simple; time away is what is needed to feel better.

Does the Thought of Villas for Rent in Some Tropical Scene Speak to You?

There is just something about sunlight that cheers people up. It is probably due to the body producing vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight, but there is certainly a mental aspect as well. The term “sunny disposition” exists for a reason. A vacation in a warm and sunny environment is the typical daydream of most workers. But it is not enough to take time off work. It is necessary to leave work behind to truly relax. According to the website Glassdoor, a surprising 75% of workers with paid leave in 2013 did not use up all of their vacation days.

Think of all of the villas for rent sitting unused! To not take a day off, let alone a paid day, is a shame. Our bodies, our brains, were not made to work and work and work without break. Think of Sisyphus: his hell was to never have a moment’s rest. Do not become a tragic Greek mythical parable: take all of your vacation days.

Why Take Work With You on Your Time Away…From Work?

Picture a pool. A very nice pool, with comfortable lounge chairs, bright umbrellas, and even cabanas. The sun is shining and there is a drink in your hand. If you have them, the kids are not arguing among themselves for once. Now picture that instead of laying back and enjoying the moment, you are getting a headache from the work you brought with you. Picture a soft breeze blowing all of your files around. Or the kids accidentally splashing your laptop. It is suddenly not so relaxing an image anymore.

In one survey questioning the link between employee time off and work, it was found that 61% of survey participants had continued to work even while on vacation. As a reminder, the entire point of vacation time is to take a break from work. Doing so can “reset” your mind and help avoid burn-out. Not doing so is likely to lead to more stress and an eventual break down. It may seem backwards, but by not taking regular short rests, it is more likely that you will need more time off down the line.

Can Careful Planning Really Help Avoid a Vacation Disaster?

There are many lovely pictures of villas for rent online and in travel magazines. These villa rentals are usually in a warm climate in another country, making careful travel arrangements a must. For people who actually enjoy logistical planning, it is unlikely anything will go wrong. For those people who have trouble even arranging a group outing for dinner, it might be a better idea to seek assistance. A travel agent is always an option, as is all inclusive vacation packages. This means that some luxury resorts offer entertainment, dining, and transpiration to and from the airport.

Consulting a travel agent could help in ways that an inexperienced traveler might not consider. For example, vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas see about 350 to 360 days of sun each year. But what if you scheduled your vacation during the only rainy week of the year? While it is not possible to plan every detail perfectly, an experienced traveler can give solid advice to possibly avoid obvious oversights.

Villas for rent are not the same as spending a few nights in a hotel in a sunny location. They are more luxurious, as they offer more privacy and more amenities. They are as close to an escape from your regular life as can be on vacation. Although it is a goal that is pleasant to daydream about, a vacation is not a fix-all for the things in your life that bother you. It is a chance to gain life perspective and make new memories.

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