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During 2012, U.S travel ecommerce generated over $100 billion in revenue. Travel ecommerce is divided into five different categories, which include air travel, hotel reservations, auto rentals, travel packages, and other travel. Among these travel categories air travel accounted for 65% of total revenue.

Since the advent of the internet, the information available on the Web has influenced heavily the way Americans plan their vacations. According to the U.S. Travel Association, the impact of social media and mobile devices is leading many people to consult online family travel magazines and family travel blogs for travel information, as opposed to seeking the opinions of friends and family members.

The internet is also a useful resource for researching the lowest family travel quotes. In fact, the convenience of searching online among the cheapest budget family travel sites might be the internet’s most valuable feature. Furthermore, with the multitude of family travel networks from which to choose, smart travelers can use that competition to their advantage.

Given the fact that online travel sites realize that travelers aren’t going to waste their time if they aren’t offered a great travel deal, they will sometimes offer excellent family travel quotes that are hard to beat. Thus, if travelers have the patience to shop around, they will almost always find a travel package deal that is difficult to turn down.

The invention of the internet has been a boon to travel lovers, because the Web is rife with informative travel websites, particularly resources for getting cheap deals on flights, hotels, and complete travel packages. The bottom line is no matter where a family is planning to vacation, the internet is the best place to find the most affordable family travel quotes.

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