Things to Remember When Going Cabin Camping

Cabin camping in mississippi

When surveyed, campers said that they were planning an average of 4.9 camping trips. This should come as no surprising, considering that the American landscape is full of amazing wonders and beautiful, accessible parks. Indeed, in 2010 alone, more than 40 million people went camping for a grand total of 515 million outings. And they didn’t just stay nearby — campers traveled an average of 186.7 miles to go camping, and see some sights far from home.

But when you are camping with the family, it can be very hard to plan and get everything right. Unlike resort vacations, you have to do most everything yourself, meaning that there is potential for stress, even if you are doing family cabin camping. Check out this list here to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Yes, the great outdoors are satisfying in and of themselves, but that might not be the case after the sun goes down, or for little kids. Plus, there is travel and waiting time to account for, so try to make sure that you bring along ample entertainments for the kids, and yourself. This might include word games, books, coloring materials, music, and activity packets. Bring balls, frisbees, bats, and other sporting goods to get outdoors and running, and guidebooks and binoculars to enhance the natural experience even more.

There is no food service when you stay in family rental cabins, so make sure to provide for you and your family by bringing tons of snacks and easily prepared foods. For big meals, prepping beforehand is always a good idea. Always remember to keep your cooler in bear proof lockers or in your car when camping.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your hands a little dirty, but the truth is that it is nice to hit the sack clean. So, prepare by bringing enough clean clothes and pajamas, and clean up as you go. Another important reason to keep your campsite clean is to minimize risk of wildlife and wildfire intruding on your family vacation.

For a low key and relaxing family vacation, family cabin rentals are definitley the way to go. Family cabin rentals offer all of the benefits of camping, with a little more luxury.

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