Three Things to Look for in a Travel Magazine

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When you leaf through travel magazines, you want the articles and images in front of you to get the energy flowing, the ideas percolating, and your insatiable wanderlust fully engaged. Here are three things to look for. The best travel magazines have them in abundance, and the key is to take advantage of the wealth of information and insight at your fingertips.

1. Breathtaking images.

Nothing sparks your imagination like a series of arresting photos that can single handedly transport you to a different place. It may difficult to plan your next big adventure if you cannot visualize it. Hi resolution photos also give the publication added credibility, particularly if it employs staff photographers to shoot the images on site. If you need an idea for new destination, a great picture can be just the thing to get the ball rolling.

2. Thoughtful commentary by experienced travelers.

In order to fully enjoy a travel article, you have to be willing to go along for the ride with the writer. If he or she does not have a fun or engaging style, offers faulty advice, or is simply not well versed in the travel experience as a whole, that can mean the difference between discovering a new place or staying at home.

3. Practical advice for your trip.

A travel magazine is only as good as the sound suggestions it offers. If you are traveling to Paris, would not like to know what the dining protocol is in French restaurants? If you are hiking through the Swiss Alps, would it not be helpful to be equipped with an exhaustive list of must have provisions. No matter where your travels takes you, preparation is absolutely essential. And with the right recommendations, you can be confident in your readiness for the big trip.

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