When Was the Last Time Your Family Went Camping?

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It took some major planning, but you are going to be able to fit in one more get away this summer. Although your older daughter left for her second year of college by the end of July, your family was able to spend some vacation time together on Memorial weekend. Working around a required visit for some follow up visits to see a doctor, your family of four was able to spend a five day weekend at some family vacation cabins. Because the follow up doctor appointments were for your college daughter’s ankle surgery, however, you did not really get to enjoy the lake stay as much as you would have wanted.
Family Cabin Camping Is a Great Way to Enjoy Long Weekends Away from the Hectic Schedule of Work and School
Summers go to fast and families often face the arrival of fall wishing that they could get away from one more weekend at the lake. One more weekend kayaking. One more weekend hiking outside before the long days of inside at work and at school. Whether you are looking forward to camping in California or camping in Ohio, family vacation cabins are a solution that allows for the flexibility of home cooking and nights around the campfire.
When families stay at a hotel on vacation they are often limited by space. Few hotel rooms, for example, are large enough to provide a gathering place for conversation and board games. Even fewer hotels have full size kitchens that allow families to prepare their own meals. As a result, vacations with hotel rooms can be expensive as families have to go beyond the hotel for both entertainment and meals.
Family vacation cabins, on the other hand, allow for inexpensive days of hiking, swimming, fishing, and boating. Home cooked meals with foods that can even be brought from home cut down on the costs of a trip and allow families to eat their favorites even when they are away. Additionally, family vacation cabins often have their own campfires and outdoor porches that allow family members to enjoy the outside spaces as well as comfortable indoor spaces.
Vacations Allow Families to Extend the Feel of Summer
In today’s busy world, it is often difficult for families to spend much time together. Between running from work, athletic practices, and other activities, some families can barely find time to have meals together, let alone get away from vacations. Families who find a way to carve out the time to get away together, however, are often rewarded with relaxing days that will be treasured forever. Early morning hikes to enjoy the sunset, long days on the water, and relaxing evenings around the campfire provide families are slower pace that is difficult to find at home.
With all of these benefits is should come as no surprise that many families indicate camping is one of their favorite ways to spend time together. In fact, In fact, family camping vacations are one of the most popular choices for Americans, as research indicates that families spent about 534.9 million days camping in the year 2011. Perhaps one of the reasons that camping is so attractive to families is that it is available in a variety of forms. From tent camping to RV camping and from primitive cabins to luxury cabins, families can determine what kind of experience they want to enjoy.
Another variety offered in camping is the kind of accompanying activities that are available. Nearly 87% of campers indicate that they participate in multiple outdoor activities when they vacation. Again, selecting a campground provides some of the variety. Some campgrounds have swimming pools and climbing walls, while other camp sites provide access to long hiking trails and miles of lakeside beaches.
What does your family have planned for the last few weeks of summer. As the school year approaches and threatens to take the rest of the free time that you have been enjoying in June and July, do you have plans for one more trip? For many families, Labor Day weekend is one last chance for parents to to schedule a vacation and get quality time with their children. Before college starts and school activities begin, a family camping trip may be the perfect end to the summer.

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