Where Will You Stay on Your Next Vacation?

last minute lodginglast minute lodgingBy the time winter has really flared it’s ugly head, most people are ready for a break. It’s been a while since you took your summer holiday, and the short, dark days have a way of getting one down. Luckily, the winter presents its own beautiful opportunities for vacationing, and many people don’t even have to travel very far. Wholly 88% of winter trips are taken in personal vehicles like cars or vans, usually to a local ski resort or other winter retreat.

But the real question is: where will you stay during your winter retreat? There are some more traditional options, like staying with family or in hotels, but why not change it up this year? Check out these three ideas for slightly less conventional or last minute lodging options for your next winter vacation:

Seasonal Rentals

Staying in a condo or a seasonal rental is something that might sound more familiar for summer vacationers, but why can’t it be a viable option for winter trips, too? Imagine the luxury of having your own spot in a winter wonderland, with a private hot tub, cozy fireplace, and skiing accommodations nearby? That’s why a quarter of families have stayed at a rental as an alternative to a hotel or resort.


Instead of renting a condo, why not go for something more rustic? A cozy cabin near a ski in ski out resort could be the answer to your vacationing prayers. The rustic vibe is also perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit. Lodging options when it comes to cabins can be very varied, so you will definitely find something that is perfect for the whole family. Cabins are also usually readily available for last minute lodging options.

Inn or Bed and Breakfast

These days, people have gotten used to booking lodging online, but why not go old school and stay at an actual bed and breakfast? These establishments usually have more authentic reviews, so it takes the guesswork out of staying somewhere new. Get in touch with the local scene and have an intimate wintry stay.

Pleasure travel accounts for 61% of winter trips, and for a great reason. We all need a break in the winter, and spending time with family while enjoying a winter wonderland is a great way to do it.

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